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HTC002Sophia is 14, a freshman in high school. She struggled a lot in school and was teased a lot. She never met anyone else with hearing loss. However, thanks to your kindness. Sophia was able to start her freshman year with confidence, she has improved in school, so much she also has met friends that except her for who she is and not as someone with hearing aids. She met others that have hearing loss and has tried to tell them her story, so they can embrace their hearing loss as a challenge not a disability. Getting these new hearing aids (her old hears aids weren't working and we could not afford new ones or repair the old ones). I also wear hearing aids and I was willing to give my hearing aids to my daughter, but thanks to "Hear The Cheers," Sophia was able to get new ones and really good ones at that. Sophia said to tell Eliza that she is an amazing person to do what she does. She has never met anyone to give so much to those that she never has met. If she only knew the struggles she has gone through, that these hearing aids has really made a difference and will use them to grow to help others. Although Sophia had hearing aids before nothing liken the ones given. Thank you again!

Mariana, Mother of Sophia

HTC003“The first day I got my hearing aids, I went into my mom’s room and I could hear her clearly. I started crying.”

— Lynette

Our family is so grateful that Chandler was a recipient of the hearing aids. He shared that he hears things much clearer than he did previously. He is able to adjust the programming part of the aids to better meet his needs at school, in social situations and at work. The ability to stream directly from the cell phone is awesome. Our family can not thank "Hear The Cheers" and Beltone enough.

— Amy, Mother of Chandler

  HTC005   HTC004

I just wanted to give you a heads up on my daughter. She was one of the children that received the grant from "Hear The Cheers". Her hearing aids are the best things that has ever happened to her. Although my daughter went to a great elementary school with great teachers to help her, she still struggled. These hearing aids are so great that it gave her confidence and a better way to hear not like the hassle that her other hearing aids were giving her. Starting high school with great confidence and the help of others, has really made an impact on my daughter. She has just had her IEP meeting and the teachers there are recommending her to go into honor classes. This mean so much to us and I felt that your department should now how much these hearing aids have made an impact on my daughter's education.

— Mother of child served by "Hear The Cheers"



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