Information for Business Customers

The law requires businesses and agencies to make certain accommodations that will provide deaf and hard of hearing people an equal opportunity to participate in and benefit from services offered to the public. We are providing here a variety of information to help you understand, and meet, your obligation.

Acting as link between Deaf individuals who use sign language and hearing individuals who do not know sign language, Chicago Hearing Society helps individuals and organizations locate and employ qualified sign language interpreters/translators, oral interpreters and relay interpreters. Real time captioning is also available.

Chicago Hearing Society (CHS), a division of the Lester & Rosalie Anixter Center, is proud to be the first agency in the Chicago area to provide the services of Certified Deaf Interpreters (CDI) to the deaf community. This service is available through the Interpreter Services Department at CHS.

CHS acts as consultant to interpreter trainers, interpreters and other professionals. Services are fee-based.  

CHS Interpreter Referral Service has extensive experience in serving...

  • conferences and special events
  • hospitals and medical meetings
  • colleges and universities
  • legal settings

CHS interpreters are licensed by the IDHHC



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