What is Hear the Cheers?

Thanks to a special fundraising effort started in 2013 by a private family in Geneva, Illinois, Chicago Hearing Society has funding available to test, fit and provide hearing aids for school-aged children who are in need. Each year, "Hear the Cheers" raises new funding that is specifically available for boys and girls involved in youth sports or physical activities who would benefit from hearing aids. All children should be able to hear their teammates, coach and fans. Every child deserves to “Hear the Cheers.”

To apply for "Hear the Cheers" please fill out the form below. After the form is submitted a representative from Chicago Hearing Society will contact you to complete the next steps in the application process.

Parent/Guardian Information

Child's Information

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Please Tell Us Your Story

If the child is able, please have him/her explain why obtaining a hearing device(s) from the Hear the Cheers program will help them in their activity. If the child is unable to do so, please have a parent/guardian provide this in the child’s own words. Please include the activity that student is involved in.