Hear The Cheers 2016

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Sarah Spain of espnW and ESPN Radio and her mentee, 9th grader Eliza Peters of Geneva, IL, are proud to announce the 2016 edition of Eliza’s "Hear The Cheers" fund in partnership with Chicago Hearing Society (CHS).

Please support our cause because every child deserves the opportunity to “Hear The Cheers!”

In its first two years, "Hear The Cheers" raised nearly $40,000 allowing seven kids to receive hearing aids and equipment. Even more kids have applied for help. Thank you to everyone who donated last year and to those who helped spread the word.

All of the money donated to the campaign will go to Eliza’s "Hear The Cheers" fund for young athletes who can’t afford hearing aids.

Donations can be made securely online and are tax deductible. Each dollar donated will go directly to purchasing hearing aids and related audiology services.

"Hears The Cheers" will benefit children all across the Chicagoland area, with 25 percent of the dollars raised to go directly to children in Kane County— Eliza’s backyard!

Each person who donates at least $15 will be eligible to win one of several great prizes:

  • Prizes will be added soon

Those who donate more than $15 will have their names re-entered for each additional $15 given. A $60 donation means 4 chances to win!

“Hear The Cheers” Co-Captains: Eliza Peters and Sarah Spain

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