Hearing Aid Bank and Donating Hearing Aids

The purpose of Chicago Hearing Society’s Hearing Aid Bank is to ensure that everyone has the opportunity to improve their quality of life through better hearing. Our Hearing Aid Bank is at the heart of our Audiology Program and has been going strong for more than 50 years!

Chicago Hearing Society accepts donations of new and used hearing aids. These hearing aids are reconditioned and reprogrammed for qualified individuals through our Hearing Aid Bank.

People who do not qualify for Medicaid or other public benefits may be eligible and are asked to complete an application documenting their financial need. Thanks to contributions from foundations and individual supporters, we are able to serve qualified individuals on a sliding fee basis. Qualified individuals are offered a hearing evaluation, hearing aid consultation, hearing aid fitting and follow-up care after the hearing aids are dispensed.

Individuals who are interested in supporting our Hearing Aid Bank or in receiving services should contact CHS at 773-248-9121 (voice) or 773-248-9174 (TTY) or AskCHS@anixter.org for more information.