Welcome to Chicago Hearing Society

Chicago Hearing Society (CHS) empowers deaf, hard of hearing and hearing people to communicate and collaborate by providing an array of social services, advocacy, support programs and assistive technology products to deaf and hard of hearing people. Just steps away from public transportation in Chicago's Lincoln Park neighborhood, our Hearing Health Clinic offers comprehensive hearing evaluations and hearing aid sales.

Since 1916, CHS has offered programs and services that improve the lives of deaf and hard of hearing individuals by empowering them to connect with the world around them.

Schedule an audiology appointmentProducts and services include:

Hearing Health Clinic and Hearing Aids

Sign Language Interpreter and Translator Services

Free Amplified Telephones

Information and Referral

Social services include:

Youth Programs

Victim Assistance

Domestic Violence Counseling

Income Tax Return Preparation

Deaf Community Calendar of Events (Deaf Line)

"Communication is the basis of all human interaction. It is how we exchange information and how we learn. It is how we develop friendships and professional relationships. It is necessary for our lives at home, at work and in school. The goal of everything we do at CHS facilitates communications so that deaf, hard of hearing and hearing people can connect with each other."
- Jill Sahakian, CHS Director